12 images found on a roll of Ansco Plenachrome 120

This roll of Ansco Plenachrome was part of a larger lot of film that was found in a storage unit in Sacramento California. Although many of the rolls from this find had what appeared to be water damage, the rolls still developed some great images. The images appear to have been shot in the late 1950’s or the ealry 1960’s.

Developing info:

I wasn’t able to find the original developing times for Ansco Plenachrome, but I knew it was similar to Kodak Verichrome Pan. So I used the same process I use for all old Verichrome Pan that I’ve always had great results with, which is a higher concentration of developer at a colder temperature, with a shorter developing time, as follows:

Developer: Kodak HC-110, dilution A (1:15) for 5 minutes at 15ÂșC.

Stop bath: 1:00

Fixer: 8 min


The rough edges were due to the water damage on the film and the backing paper sticking to the film. I was able to rub most of the stuck paper off the film, but some remained, causing the distressed edges. Overall, I was very pleased with the results.

Ansco Plenachrome

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