Accidental Find on a roll of Kodak Tri-x 400

Here’s one to file under “Found Film Fail”. I had a roll of expired ┬áKodak Tri-X that I got with a large box of other expired films, that hadn’t been shot. The film leader was sticking out, so I had no reason to believe this roll was already exposed. I often shoot expired film so I thought nothing of it. So I loaded this roll into my Canonet QL17 while on a trip to Disneyland in October. When I first viewed the negatives after developing the roll, I saw the double exposure, and faces I did not recognize. I knew something wasn’t right. It quickly became clear that this roll had already been exposed. It appears that the images were shot in the 1970’s at some kind of party. I was very dissappointed to have shot over these old images, but it’s a lesson learned.

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