The Vietnam Roll

About a year ago I found a mason jar full of 35mm canisters, all of which were empty, except this one roll of Kodak Plus-X. I didnt think too much about this roll at first. I figured it was probably blank considering all the other rolls were empty. I had another roll of the same film that I knew was exposed so I decided to throw this one in the developing tank along with it, in the off chance it was an exposed roll. Sure enough, it contained these incredible images from the Vietnam war. They appear to have been shot by someone in an avaiation battalion. If anyone can gather any more info from these images, please let us know!


Developing info

Even though this roll was several decades old, I used the default Kodak times for Plus-X, and the results were very good.

5:00 in Kodak HC-110 Developer, dilution B (aggitate first min, then 10 sec every minute), 1:00 in stop bath, 5:00 fix, 10 min rinse.

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